AOC Receives Increased Almost Murder Threats after Tucker Fired

AOC looking afraid

In shocking news, AOC has revealed she has received an increased number of almost murder threats. She believes this is related to Tucker Carlson being released from Fox news. There is no evidence of this other than AOC words.

This is not the first time AOC was threatened with almost murder. Ted Cruz allegedly almost murdered her on January 6th while she was not at the Capital. Her own choices and own voters also almost murdered her. Most recently a Superbowl ad was accursed of the almost crime.

You might question why would anyone threaten AOC with invented crimes? Why is this related to Tucker Carlson? Does she work for or own stock in Fox, Rupert Murdoch or Dominion? Well she does not work for Fox or Murdoch. She does not officially work for Dominion though it sometimes seems the whole Democratic Party does.

So what is the Truth?

AOC was very wounded by all of this because Tucker would frequently mention her on his show. AOC has a deep crush on Tucker only she knows about and understands, just like the concept of almost murder. If you are questioning if this all makes sense, ask yourself was there any recent news about AOC? If not, could there be a way to make other news about her? She is now using Tucker’s firing for fundraising.

With Tucker off the air for now AOC will have to focus on her other crushes like Elon Musk and Ted Cruz. AOC to ramp up stupid comments in hopes of getting noticed and remaining relevant.

We here at DogFacePonia believe she is up to the task! Next she might be crying at the boder in face outrage in a place no where near the border. Who knows what could be next for AOC and Tucker.

Image from: Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons