Biden Does Trump

Joe Biden gave a speech on his economic plan yesterday. Aides scrambled to produce the speech having expected Joe to stay in his basement until the election. The speech writers cut and pasted pieces of an old Trump speech.   This practice was called cutsy-plagerizy and has been used by Biden in the past when there were time constraints. 

Obama said “you didn’t build that”.  In his speech Joe explained who did,  saying  “we know who built this country, hardworking folks like you grew up with” (not you).

“Growing up rich and looking down on people is a bit different than how I grew up here,” said Biden speaking from his childhood home in Scranton. Bill de Blasio fixed that today by finally making sure Trump could look down on a BLM mural on Fifth avenue from his former home in Manhattan.  Trump moved to Palm Beach, Florida where local people promised a mural to make him feel at home.

Build Back Better was his new plan for America. It depends on the continued burning of cities and destruction of statues.  Just like after WWII when the US Marshal Plan rebuilt Europe, Joe is going to rebuild America.  You just can’t rebuild until you unbuild.  Go figure.

Image From: “Trump and Biden” (Public Domain) by uwwvmzjh8