Biden is Upset About Intelligence Leaks

Knight Rider Driving

It appears Joe Biden is very upset and taking intelligence leaks very seriously. Numerous meetings have taken place with the Security Council and even the Big Circler, Jen Psaki. Unfortunately, we here in DogFacePonia feel out of the fruit loops. It is possible that circles are in such high demand from MSNBC that they may have cornered the market. I really wish we had all the answers but we seem to lack the correct sheep DNA.

Intelligence has been on Joe Biden’s mind for quite some time it seems. We have it on good authority that Joe Biden told his Security Council that he hopes they can get to the very bottom of security leaks.

We also understand he provided multiple examples of himself for inspiration. The final clip showed Joe Biden speaking about how soaring inflation and his stalled domestic agenda were turning power over to Ultra-Maga supporters. You could see in the reactions of the flock that Joe Biden had succeeded.

Intelligence was leaking everywhere and the sheep were in daze that could only be described by Photos from Hunter Bidens laptop, which of course, is…

From a world that does not exist.

Brandon Knight, a young profiteer on a crusade to champion the cause of the sheep, the mindless, the hopeless in a world of criminals who operate without any law.

All of the Security Council then clapped for The Big Guy. Unfortunately he did not release any spoilers for his new new venture with Hollywood. Per norms the information about the show has now been leaked and CNN is picking up the show to increase viewers and to help the public to attempt leak out any intelligence they have left.

When asked about the shocking event, Jen Psaki slapped a muzzle on Joe Biden and sent him for a nap, and said that the Biden administration would release no further information about this intelligence breaking project.

We here in DogFacePonia understand that leaking information is a top priority in the Biden regime as long as it has passed the quality control standards of the disinformation board. It is our understanding that this board will be able to clear up so many things by eliminating negative information about Democrats.

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