Biden Likes Cunning-ham

Biden announces a campaign stop in Philadelphia. The large number of peaceful protesters there are looking forward to the visit. They are planning a weiney roast (pork) and marshmallow toast in order to make S’mores.  The theme of the speech will be “I can bring s’more peace and hot dogs and ham to cities in Pennsylvania”.  

Biden plans to be “The Big Guy” and bring his Kitchen Table!

In keeping with the theme of the event, Anthony Weiner is making a featured speech and sniffing all the girls. Carlos Danger is also expected to make an appearance. Reporters see this as a naked power grab for votes.

There will be a smart pig at the speech known as the Cunning-Ham. Biden invited the Cunning-ham because he thought he was from Virginia. After the campaign speech/peaceful protest in Pennsylvania, the three will be going to North Carolina for another event where the Cunning-ham actually lives.

Cunning-ham is known for butchering his campaign for the Senate. His opponent, Thom Tillis had tried for the sympathy vote by getting Covid like the Commander in Chief. This event will be titled “Hot Dog give me more Cunning-ham! Come-on man!”

Image From: “Ham” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by sk8geek