Biden Owns the Kitchen Table

We here in DogFacePonia learned one very important lesson tonight during the debates. Biden knows his way around the kitchen table. He is the “Big Guy” after all. This has debunked the conspiracy theory that his eyesight is not as good as it once was, now we have no idea how we are going to beat him. We were scrambling at the DogFacePonia kitchen table (AKA Break Room) trying to sniff out what Biden did wrong last night.

Then it hit us, Presidents sit at leadership tables, not kitchen tables. If we saw Biden hiding at his kitchen table on camera we would have known. Biden is so smart to hide away at home (at his kitchen table in the basement). Come On, Man, if only Trump had the skills to lead a family! We thought hard and we looked closer through CNN goggles and we realized…

  1. Hunter Biden having problem with drugs, Chinese conspiracy.
  2. Hunter Biden having a problem selling his family name, Ukrainian conspiracy.
  3. Hunter Biden having a problem with women, sexual identity conspiracy.
  4. Hunter Biden having a problem with cocaine, that is a family sniffing conspiracy.
  5. Hunter Biden having a problem with money, that is a hoax because he has milked billions off his family sheep in Scranton.
  6. Hunter Biden having a problem with the basement, as far as our deep cover ponies have determined he has not been there, so maybe Hunter Biden is a figment of the world’s imagination.

Hunter Biden having problems with his laptop is totally Republican Conspiracy,

(1) paid for by the Chinese;

(2) funded by the Ukrainians;

(3) to confuse Americans of their sexual identity;

(4) causing drug sniffing problems;

(5) TO GET THE HELL AWAY from Scranton and milk tax-payers and solve money issues.

(6)  Seriously you all know, Russian election interference (BTW I heard it on CNN not some BS website like   

Well, through intense research, we have covered many of the conspiracy theories, we have Proven that CNN is Real news and is totally a Fairy Tail.

In the end we just said to ourselves… Here’s the Deal! And BAM it all made sense, freedom matters… TRUMP 2020!

Image From: “Reunión con presidentes del triángulo” (Public Domain) by Fotos Presidencia El Salvador