Toilet Paper Still Matters to Kamala

Right at the start before she needed any Toilet paper to clean her mouth from the ensuing remarks, Kamala said, “HERE’S THE THING.” Boom! 90 percent of all major media news coverage declared her the winner. Big Mike may be good but using a Biden line and owning it. Big Mike was done. We knew from the start Mike Pence had no chance in the debate (because he does not have a D after his name). This was just confirmation. Kamala can do Joe Biden. She must be the best VP possible. Do a fact check on “Did Mike Pence win the Debate” the answer will be false.

Kamala had so many “Facts” to offer. For instance before last night, we would not have known toilet paper is still on the ballot. Now we know Kamala is worried about our backside. Plagiarism is not on the ballot clearly; thanks to Mike Pence we know that is not a big issue. You cannot plagiarize anything. The need for toilet paper is too great. Wipe your backside with history, the constitution, and most of all conservatives.

Kamala said, “We need to concentrate on real crimes, like the truth.” Then she lashed out at the conservative media for not paying attention to the toilet paper wasted by our teenagers. We here in DogFacePonia were confused, but then we read the history of Kamala Harris as a prosecutor and we understood completely. Minor Crime offenses and TP crimes should hold maximum penalties. Peaceful riot protesters should be bailed out. Kamala then said, “If we cannot keep our backside safe how can we expect the citizens of the America not to burn everything down?”

We are getting more confused as to what she is saying here in DogFaceponia, but she is the VP candidate, so we continued to listen. Plus The Fact Checkers labeled everything she said as “True or Mostly True” so who are we to argue?

Then Kamala Harris went back to the Toilet Paper Protection or as she has dubbed it, the TPP. Kamala exclaimed, “If we don’t protect our TPP the world may crap on us without defense.” Then she exclaimed, “Our nation does not need walls, just TPP; Our Nation does not need police, just TPP; our nation does not need Trump, Just TPP.”

We here in DogFacePonia are working to uncover the TPP details, but a rumor says it’s real meaning is Terrible Presidential Propaganda. We have heard they will shove this TPP down our throats whether we want it or not.

Image From: “Chicken + Toilet Paper” (CC BY 2.0) by a paulchu shot