Do I need Keys for that?

Collection of Keys

It Turns out that having an extra set of keys is not a bad idea, whether for your House, Car, or even Office. It also not a bad idea for those who have wait staff who handle the security of your Home or Office, to actually have them on hand.

On Inauguration day, as DFP Reporter Timothy Guy reports, the Biden’s had fired the butler staff at the White House hours before. President Trump had left a note on the Presidential desk telling the Biden’s to look under a key Rock in the garden for an extra key.

However, events as they are, as the Butler staff left, they are reported to have locked the doors on the way out and handed the keys to the first person they met on the street. This happened to be a Homeless businessman from L.A. who was overheard saying thanks for nothing and threw them in the nearest garbage can.

Timothy Guy continues that the Biden’s then went up to their new home for the next 4 years and found the doors locked and the lights off.

An expert witness stated that Biden mumbled something about ‘No one’s home, let’s go back’.

Some passer-bys were asked if they would help them break into their house since they lost the keys. But it took D.C. Municipal Police to finally find a way in through the basement.

After gaining access, one of Biden’s aids found the letter from President Trump and Biden asked why he had not seen this prior to the whole fiasco.

Image: “Keymaster” (CC BY 2.0) by Jon_Callow_Images