DogFacePonia Super Specials

DogFacePonia Super Specials – These are some of the best deals you will find in DogfacePonia. All things you don’t want and nobody needs!!!

Surgical Removal of White Privilege

This surgery will make you feel alive again. Once cleaned of your white privilege, you will be able to kneel during the National Anthem, loot, start fires, and even riot. These Peaceful acts will make you feel so empty inside that you will understand everything in a new way.

For Sale BLM Tee-Shirt

This shirt is a relic of the past but has great meaning today. Brainwashed Liberal Marxists have been around forever. Be admired with pride by all who see you in this tee shirt that may even bring socialism or communism closer to reality.

Free Laser (Your) Eye Surgery

A BLM group based in Portland has decided to offer free Laser Eye Surgery to Law enforcement officers. This Surgery will eliminate so many problems in life that you are certain to benefit greatly. No longer will you see things in Black and White, only Blackness will remain. Also, it is quite possible you will never have to work another day in your life and the government will support you. Get this offer fast before it is too late.

Tickets on sale to See Colin Kaepernick Kneel

This will be the event of the century! See this legend in action. No one can kneel quite like the man who brought the nation to its knees. Rumor has it he even rises to speak at the end of each performance. He lost his football career for all our sins. We owe him and should even petition the church to have this great man sainted or maybe even anointed Pope.

DFP Oil (Dog Face Pony Oil) BOGO

DFP is offer a Buy One get one Free. Get it Now while Supplies Last. Guaranteed to be 3 times as effective as snake oil.

Influenza Beer Free Samples

Join the Free test group on this newer product. To test the true effectiveness of this stunning new product we will be needing Volunteers to test the product and its effectiveness. This Blind study will have some receiving the revolutionary Corona Beer and the other half will receive Influenza beer.