Frankenfeinstein becomes a Monster after ACB Hearings

Diane Frankenfeinstein has turned into a Monster. She did unbelievable things like hugging Lindsey Graham. Then she told him the Amy Comey Barret confirmation hearings were the best she had ever seen. Some think that Graham slipped her a red pill. However, instead of the normal impact it has on people of opening their eyes, it turned her into a monster. She might just have been too far gone, 28 years in the Senate and nearing 90 years old afterall.

The Democrtats didn’t know what to do. Some suggested calling an Exorcist but they are sort of busy this time of year. Not only that but they are Catholic! An exorcist is probably practicing too and might make her more conservative so a new plan needed to be made.

They called the Avengers but most of them couldn’t be bothered as they were all busy at a Joe Biden Fundraiser. Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) was available as he choose not to attend. However, he had been labeled the worst Chris in Hollywood and accused of being a closet Republican. Plus He is a practicing Christian like Amy Comey Barrett. Although not Catholic he might have dangerous ideas influencing Feinstein in the wrong direction.

A plan was hatched and it seems the only person left was Chuck Schumer. Diane Frankenfeinstein met with Chuck Shumer today and was taken out to the woodshed.  Frankenfeinstein has now decided to defect to the Republican Party.  The GOP has committed to giving Frankenfeinstein the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee if they retain control of the Senate.

Frankenfeinstein was called on the carpet after expressing appreciation for the handling of the Amy Comey Barrett nomination.  She had been expected to be the devil in the hearing. She was to attack ACB’s faith and be harsh and judgmental to convert.

She has chosen to join GOP on October 31.  That is why they are calling her Frankenfeinstein.

Schumer has failed when control of the Senate is at stake.

Image From: “Bride-of-Frankenstein” (Public Domain) by heycraig