Google’s “Fair” Discrimination

Man in Duck Duck Go shirt next to Google

Google recently banned Ads that disagree with their Climate Change Agenda. This because 98% of Google believes it was needed regardless of their credentials. Google has frequently been accused of discriminating against a black business. Google said it discriminates equally. The growling list of lawsuits may suggest otherwise.

Google claims it is not Racist, nor does it discriminate against any of the continually growing list of genders. It does not discriminate against anyone based on their religion, color, nationality or creed. It sees itself as a post gender, post racial, controller of your thoughts. It does not see these differences; it only sees sheep and the rest of us.

If you think ads are where google discriminates the most, you would be greatly mistaken. Google is a search company which is primarily a thought control wing of the Democratic Party. How do we know this? The evidence is all around, but let’s just look in the tiny corner of the web called

Google is said to control 90% of search on the web. So as a website like DogfacePonia, we might naturally assume that Google would account for 90% of our search traffic right? That said, It does not and never has. In September of 2020, it accounted for nearly 70% of search traffic and nearly 2.5% of total traffic to the website. Then something interesting occurred in November 2020 half Google search traffic was gone poof, no explanation. Maybe they didn’t like our Hunter Biden Story? This all occurred as the site’s total hits are growing. In September of 2021, it had nearly 10 times the traffic as the year before. The Google search count is less than half that of the previous year. So despite the growth, Google is returning Dogfaceponia as a result less and less.

  • In September 2020 Google was 2.5% of traffic.
  • In September 2021 Google was 0.096% of traffic.

Maybe Dogfaceponia is just terrible at search engines as we focus on social media right?

Yet, Duckduckgo, which is said to account for just 2% of all search, accounted for 1% of our traffic nearly 10x that of Google. Google is 4th in search to our site after Duckduckgo, Bing and Yahoo despite that fact that those 3 only account for 10% of all web searches.

Google gets to control what content is seen in it’s search. DogFacePonia is a conservative satire site, so for some reason we do not come up very often. We at DogFacePonia encourage you to use your freedom to choose your own search engine. There is no mandate to use Google (Yet). Give Biden and Merrick Garland some time and they probably will to stop the spread of “disinformation”.

Image From: “DSCN0708” (CC BY 2.0) by JoakimLagerqvist