Is She Really American?

Sourdough bread with Butter

Is she really an American, and what is this about Butter anyway? Tik Tok blogging from Paris, an American girl, is apparently quite shocked at people putting butter on bread. Which of course brought out the Internet backlash.

Non-U.S. persons were stating they are confused as to why those from America don’t know this, seeming like a Strawman argument to us. Americans are also Confused as to the Confusion of those not from the United States, are being surprised by an American in Paris.

All this buttered bread is making me hungry for a Spaghetti and buttered bread sandwich… Just me?

We went out on the Street and asked people about this Bread Buttering.

  • One GenXer stated. “I’ve been buttering bread and eating as is, or with meats since I was a kid.”
  • Another stated, “Who is this Blonde!? Is she really an American?”
  • And lastly, A farmer stated, “How is it by now, that no one in the world, knows that Americans do butter bread”.

The Italian and German societal influences alone covered that piece of information generations ago in the States. The Polish and many others added to this influence over the years.

We are astonished at how many do not know, that We DO Butter our bread in many tasty ways. From warm butter on a slice of bread to Ham and or Turkey buttered sandwiches, and for the poorer of us buttered bread with cheese.

Yes, this must be a prank, a Blonde in Paris claiming to be American, Pranking the World, while the World Pranks back. We laugh in your general direction at such a wild prank, indeed!

These days there are many confusions over Gender, the law, and more. We here had DogFacePonia had hoped people still knew what it was to be American.

Image From: “Mmm… Sourdough fresh from the oven” (CC BY 2.0) by jeffreyw