Ivermectin Gold Mine in New Hampshire

Discarded Ivermectin Bottle

In an effort to seed more sales in a tanking economy. A Bill is being introduced in New Hampshire to make Ivermectin available without a prescription. One Government official was overheard as saying that, “instead of Liquid Gold, we’re going to have a real Gold Mine in tablet form.”

Ultimately, Nobel prize winning Ivermectin, will be available and like hitting a jackpot at a casino. New Hampshire is looking to ‘tap that Gold’. It is one of the hottest commodities on the market now that the FDA and Big Pharma do not want you to have it for Covid. You might not know you have Covid, It could be Stealth Omicron after all, but we do know you want Ivermectin to be safe. The Federal government will not give it to you. They are instead happy to give you 8 at home tests a month all made in China.

If the Bill passes (Which we are salivating for, for testing purposes… Yeah, cancer testing in ponies), we expect an outcry from Nevada and India. For Nevada, in the short term, this could empty out some of their casinos, cost them billions in revenue and just plain make them look bad. Image is everything don’t ya know!? India, because they really are the stockpile of Tablet Gold, and New Hampshire would most definitely eat into those sales.

No Customs Check

On the plus side, U.S. Customs can’t confiscate this if it becomes legal without prescription. The only port of entry you’ll have to pass through is a state line. Though crossing into some States does feel like going to different countries these days. Still for now no one has to declare anything, except maybe their pronoun, if they’re into that kind of kinky. Not only that but Fireworks kill more people then Ivermectin so the Cops should focus on that instead right?

What we at DogFacePonia expect, is that the Liberal radical left will try to protest and even try and cancel New Hampshire along with Joe Rogen. New Hampshire knows that the rest of the cancelled country will be lined up as far as a Canadian Trucker protest to buy Ivermectin. All the Communist cake walks from D.C. to New York City and Vermont will just flatten the road enough to make the driving easier to get to New Hampshire.

We have been told by the Main Stream Media that Ivermectin in dangerous and it might almost murder you. This despite no evidence of it being more unsafe than other treatments. We know AOC will be first in line to get some so she can take another trip to Florida.

Image From: “Discarded drug bottles” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by International Livestock Research Institute