LeBron Doxes Authority

LeBron James wearing headphones and looking down.

LeBron James has taken to defending his son, Bronzed James, as we all would, family is very important. The MSM has taken to defending James for his elite ideals and Billionaire oppressed voice. Really who can blame them for doing so??? I mean Bronzed James, is not Golden James.

It appears Bronzed James, was called for a foul, not once, not twice, not 3, not 4, but 5 times, for a foul when he slashed at an opponent with a switch blade during the game. Lucky for Bronzed James his poor father was able to hop on twitter with his 49.6 Million followers to make sure the evil racist referees would be held for #ACCOUNTABILTY. Pictures of the Referees would truly make then know the power of the unbiased media.

Clearly, the poor suffering James Family has corrected this wrong by buying all existing copies of the videos showing the fouls in question. After all possible right had been wronged, Labron James tweeted, ANGER does any of us any good and that includes myself! Gather all the facts. My anger is still here for my baby boy may he overcome the economic enslavement I have experienced.

We here in DogFacePonia totally understand how the riches we accumulated in our first year of service that come to a grand total of Negative $527.00 creates a powerful life changing opportunity. We also hope that Bronzed James will be able to get that chance also. Until then I guess we are not woke and will have to settle for broke.

Image From : “LeBron James mural” (Public Domain) by lukeharold