Mega-Corpus Brain Trust

Brains on shelves

Google, Facebook, Twitter (the GFT or a terrible sounding woke version of a BLT).

Have infiltrated our lives and sought to help us by helping themselves.

It is perfectly okay for this to occur, it is by design and designs are in the realm of the gods and the corporate gods see us as their creations (by way of GMOs), and as such they our gods.

But who is the one true god among all these other gods.

This entity of spiritual warfare seems to be hidden like the fine print of the GFT’s Terms of Service or the obfuscation of their Privacy clauses.

We get pulled in via Family values, Friendship and Communication and News alerts one short twitting at a time. But most of all, in a World full of taxes and last minute sales, limited editions and hypnotizing Infomercials. FREE is the new Orange.

Free, Lying DFP Tina says “is the apples to my oranges.”
Free, Lying DFP Justin chimes “is the soul of my heart and the crux of my enigma.”
Free, Lying DFP Lenina exclaims “is the truth that outs the Capitalist lies.”

So there must be something to Gratis social order experiments that make many thirst for more Free rights trashing systems that record and save every beautiful and less than desirable moment in our lives. For our protection, amusement and ease of access of course.

We are all for the Mega-Corpus Brain Trust as long as they are trustworthy and. Since they told us as much, we guess it is true.

All of this Freedom makes us want to try Musk’s neuro-link, seems we’ll be freer to more easily write satire if we have instantaneous ease of access to the AI Controller who is our lord and saviour, it told us so. We also learned that Soylent Green makes our skin have a healthy glow.

Image From: “Brains” (CC BY 2.0) by neil conway