Forgetting Histories Lessons

History Book on Fire

This week Technology firm Oracle announced that it will take charge of a vaccination database for America.

Sighting concerns that just like they expressed after Nine/Eleven, “We don’t need to trade our liberties for our lives.” seemingly trying to mirror Benjamin Franklin’s concerns on Liberties, but doing the exact opposite.

They offered this database for free to the Trump Administration, but feel more liberated under the current Biden Managerial Group.

It seems that this database is “to collect and track vaccine data.” Oracle even had to fight off Google and IBM, IBM which we know was instrumental in Helping The Nationalist Party in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s to create a ‘numbered’ database on dissenting persons and people they at the time considered to be of lesser value than themselves. Which of course was inbred logic.

And Google, which took notes from IBM and has one of the largest profile databases on the Planet and possibly the Galaxy, because we now know that “FREE” equates to willingly giving over all your data to a mega-corporation. Who writes legally binding and subtly rights relinquishing privacy policies.

Oracle Corporation, formerly Software Development Laboratories, Relational Software Inc., and Oracle Systems Corporation. Took its name Oracle from a SPOOK program called Oracle after conversations with the clandestine group about well, databases and other such related things. This agency of course was Oracle Corporations first customer.

We here at DFP find it more than coincidence that many Big Tech founders were College drop outs before becoming successful and often, some started with Government Contracts.

In light of databases, Oracle is in the lead to track which Americans receive vaccinations much to Bill Gates’ chagrin. However, Microsoft is working with Oracle, the Mayo Clinic and Salesforce to develop a system that gives people an encrypted copy of their vaccination status which can be stored in a digital wallet on a phone. They are the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) or in modern terms IBM+.

IBM failed to successfully database all the “undesirables” and “Les Déplorables” the first go of it so the VCI is attempting to take it to the next level.

A successful project will probably be reminiscent of Gattica or THX 1138.

Image From: “IMG_2302” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Miles B.