Time’s Person (Terrible Government Official) of the Year

A county in northern Michigan indicated their support for a resolution put forward by three Republican members of Michigan’s House of Representatives calling for the impeachment of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.  Time magazine took note of this and put her on their list for Person of the Year along with Governor Andrew Cuomo, AOC and Dr Fauci.

Whitmer was known for her lockdown which prohibited homeowners from mowing their lawns, allowed only one person in a rowboat, and put sharks in a moat around the Governor’s Mansion. This is dwarfed by Andrew Cuomo who put thousands of old people out of their misery.

Fourteen men have been charged in connection with an alleged plot to kidnap the Whitmer. They wanted to impeach her in the capitol. No one tried to kidnap Cuomo but give them a chance.  They may be inspired by the Michigan militia.

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the Emergency Powers of Governor Act that the governor relied on in issuing her orders is unconstitutional. Whitmer wore her I Don’t Care t-shirt and issued another lockdown order. Saying “I have the power” she refused to follow the Supreme court ruling. Andrew Cuomo however was ruled against by the Supreme Court of the US. They struck down his order limiting religious organizations holding services of over a given size. He sought to avoid a hearing by pulling back the order temporarily but to no avail. He is naturally under consideration for Attorney General.

Time Magazine clearly has a difficult problem to resolve. Whitmer and Cuomo were both losers in their respective courts after violating constitutional rights of their constitutes and both don’t care. Cuomo does already have an Emmy for what that’s worth (not much any more). Cuomo personally caused more deaths by sending Covid to nursing houses but Whitmer threatened the President in a Zoom call. We at DogFacePonia suggest that they share the honor.

Image From: “Old Time Magazines” (Public Domain) by Dapheulia