Scott Stapp, Nickelback or Trapt

Here at DogFacePonia we feel we could use a song. Maybe an Anthem for the Nation. So in honor of the 4th of July we are asking you, the readers, who should write the song.

Scott Stapp – Former Lead singer of Creed, prolific song writer of songs like Arms Wide Open and Higher. He made the Marlins Soar maybe he can take us Higher(at least in terms of website hits).

Nickelback – They need no introduction. They have produced music of a quality that few match. But just like Nickelback many of us here at DogFacePonia never made it as wise men (read our articles and you will understand).

Trapt – Never heard of them? Well they have been raising their profile lately by being Headstrong and taking on everyone! They are like the Donald Trump of Bands.

image From : “”With Arms Wide Open”” (CC BY 2.0) by greggoconnell