Chicago Schools to Learn Online

Chicago E-Learning is an amazing opportunity to improve upon previous failures.

Learning shall be online. If a student does not have proper access to utilize online learning. The student shall be enrolled in community learning projects.

Neighborhood Art Projects, AKA graffiti and mural painting, will be taught by residents and will have rolling locations to beautify Chicago more. Lori Lightfoot said, “this may even lead to people calling Chicago the beautiful, windy city. This will change our city’s image. This program will teach art and writing to students.”

Math will be taught by signing up with the local gangs or the mafia, to complete very specific money collection tasks.

They are introducing a First-Person Shooter class on whatever device is available to teach marksmanship. This way innocents killed in neighborhoods will decrease. If a device is not available, another skill can be learned from the neighborhood. An advanced class in looting may prove more difficult without peaceful protests nearby. However, it is expected with all the new education plans and unemployment in place opportunities for peaceful protests will continue.

Lori Lightfoot said “In closing, Chicago should be in the national spotlight based on all these new education programs and options. It is expected that Portland will not hold a candle to Chicaago in a matter of weeks.”

Some of the people of Chicago are skeptical but Lori Lightfoot is a well respected destroyer of peace. They have faith that, with the proper education programs in place, she can bring the people of Chicago brighter days in the near future.