China Cornering the Natural Gas Market

Gas Stovetop with fire burning hot.

China is secretly collaborating with Democrats to ban natural gas appliances in the US. Why you ask? They have been secretly arranging to export natural gas and gas appliances from the US to China. China desperately needs natural gas and what better way to accomplish this goal than to get the US to ban natural gas.

Hidden gas appliances were reportedly found in a Biden cache in November at the University of Pennsylvania. It is believed that the CCP gave $67 million to U Penn in order to maintain an office to store gas appliances, in anticipation of a ban on those appliances. In November, there was a rush to cover up the existence of these appliances before the start of the push to eliminate them.

Top secret gas appliances with the highest classification level were among about 10 appliances at a think tank bearing Joe’s name (Penn-Biden). China was again caught in the theft of intellectual property. Reverse engineering of gas appliances was taking place at this center for years. A leak of top secret information on gas appliances could cause “exceptionally grave damage”. China wants to corner the gas market around the world.

The first batch of appliances was found back in November. That was days before the midterm elections, which saw Republicans narrowly win control of the US House of Representatives. Had voters known about the Democrats intending to push to eliminate gas appliances, there surely would have been a RED WAVE.

A second cache of gas appliances had been found on 20 December by Biden aides in a garage and adjacent room at his private home in Wilmington, Delaware. Joe did not want it known that he was hiding gas appliances for future use or sale to the Chinese.

Gas appliances have been turning up everywhere, even the garage where Joe Biden stashes his vintage Corvette. Reports of reverse engineering of his Corvette have been debunked but is that a future Chinese plan? The Delaware Democrat might have a problem.

Unauthorized possession of gas appliances is a serious climate crime for obvious reasons. As vice president, Biden had no authority to hide these appliances now being discovered. This might be a sign that the deep state is going after their “useful idiot“, perhaps to make way for a different 2024 candidate.

Nearly all of the classified documents found so far – at a University of Pennsylvania think tank office in Washington, and three sets from Biden’s garage in Wilmington –came from his eight years as vice president. But a half-dozen appliances found Friday in Wilmington came from his time in the Senate.

As chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Biden had regular access to these appliances. Biden donated 1,875 gas appliances to the University of Delaware in June 2012. The collection is from his 36 year Senate career. We at DogFacePonia see future reverse engineering of all gas appliances, vehicles and infrastructure.

On the Senate floor, Cruz yelled, reimagining Jean-Pierre’s responses. “The house is on fire!”

Double Fire” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Ke Wynn