Definition: “Brandon Steamer”

Rusted Old Steam Train

Warning: The Content below may be shocking and inappropriate for young foals. Whatever you do please do not eat this content.

With all of the craziness in the world, we felt like we should be adding our own Urban Dictionary words. Amber Heard dropping a deuce on Johnny Depp’s bed may have inspired this brilliant thought.

Anyhow, it seems that according to Urban Dictionary there is something called a Cleveland Steamer. We are not sure if anyone is really into this kind of thing besides Hunter Biden and Amber Heard. Believe me, we are not planning on asking.

The Cleveland Steamer A sexual act by nature (fetish) the cleveland steamer is when one person craps on another person’s chest and (very important) then sits down and rocks back and forth like a steam roller.

All these crappy thoughts lead us straight to thinking of Joe Biden and then the Brandon Steamer was born.

Definition: Brandon Steamer

  1. The act of Joe Biden speaking.
  2. The act of anyone representing Joe Biden speaking on his behalf.

Basically, everything that comes from Brandon, directly or indirectly, is jumbled up word salad of steaming crap. Not only does it stink to high heavens, but also feels like a personal violation of the intelligence of the person listening. We are all dumber for having heard that. Then of course like a steam roller the media will come in and grind the BS in for days on end. This all the while ignoring important stories like Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

We decided to ask a sentient piece of poo, Mr. Hanky, the Christmas poo, for his thoughts on the Brandon Steamer. After his standard greeting of Howdy-Ho, Mr. Hanky explained that he was jealous of the Brandon Steamer. He told us that is takes a lot of Christmas miracles to stink as bad a Brandon all year round.

We here in DogFacePonia truly wish everyone luck in avoiding the Brandon Steamer. Unfortunately, no matter which way you look at it, the stains of the Biden Regime will likely impact our county long for years or decades to come. It seems we all have been steamrolled by a bunch of crap.

Image From: “Old steam loco on the wharf” (CC BY 2.0) by smjbk