Geriatric Border Surge

Cross Walk sign vandalized to show man with a cane and gas.

Thousands of unaccompanied migrant geriatrics have presented themselves to government officials at the U.S.-Mexico border. For the Biden Administration, the influx of geezers showing up alone, has created a logistical, political and ethical challenge. Geriatrics believe Biden has promised them housing through A Place For Mom, social security benefits and Medicare among other benefits. Geriatrics see Biden as one of them and believe he will help them.

Still, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and other high-ranking government officials, including President Joe Biden have called the increase in unaccompanied geezers a challenge, while Republican lawmakers have been quick to call the situation a crisis and to place blame on Biden’s policy to not leave unaccompanied Geriatrics alone on the border.

The Administration activated FEMA indicating that this is an emergency. The bottom line is that we need to address an emergency situation of unaccompanied geriatrics coming across the border who have already been through so much and need our help now.

“The idea that I’m going to say, if an unaccompanied geezer ends up on the border we’re just going to let them starve to death and stay on the other side is not true,” Biden said. Biden has empathy for geezers because he is one. Geriatrics won’t take American jobs and are not criminals and rapists so win-win.

At the start of the Biden Administration, DHS decided that it would no longer expel unaccompanied migrant geezers under Title 42 if they were from a country other than Mexico. The vast majority of unaccompanied geriatrics are from Central America.

It could have been Trump to Biden or pick your candidate but what we know is that human smugglers, tend to exploit change. Smugglers will promise that this is the time that you can make it into the country, regardless of whether or not it is true. You can get in at gaps in the wall but in the future you may have to be able to climb the wall.

Rumor has it Ford is opening new operations in Mexico to build new compact vehicles to provide humane means of transportation over the boarder. These compact motor vehicles provide speed to the geezers. Everyone has a need for speed. One Ford representative said these motorized vehicles can be paid for with a stimulus check received once the motorized wheelchair crosses the finish line. The finish line is also known as the US – Mexico boarder.

Elon Musk is thinking of getting into this booming industry as well, he says a rocket chair is on it way and will create amazing opportunities even if the border wall is completed.

Cecilia Vega told the president that a 90-year-old geezer walked to the U.S. from Honduras because he believed the Biden administration wasn’t deporting unaccompanied geriatrics. This Geezer explained how he never could have made it to the finish line without the motorized opportunities on the Mexico side of the boarder.

Some welcome this development. AARP is excited to send out invitations to all these new potential members. One Democratic strategist said “We see this as a way of building our voter base in the future. Even if these geriatric migrants don’t joke for us now they will in a few election cycles once they have died.”

We here is DogFacePonia remain confused where all this stimulus comes from but we learned that AOC explained that we can always just print more money. AOC also explained that nursing homes have lower occupancy than in the past thanks to Governor Cuomo and other revolutionary Democrat leaders. Maybe once AOC receives her degree in rocket science the world will be a better place for not only geriatrics but everyone.

Image From: “Respecting the elderly” (CC BY 2.0) by Jonathan Lidbeck