Horned Comet Looking for Lakeside Property

Comet 4 by Iliazd

The twin-tailed ice comet is in view for most people of Earth. Some are calling it the ‘Horned Comet’, others the ‘Devil Comet’, however, the scientific community prefers the moniker “12P/Pons-Brooks“.

Star Wars fans are scrambling to make their claim and say it looks like the Millennium Falcon. The 12.4-mile-long monstrosity, or about the size of 1/4″ on a map, scaled at 1/4″ equals 12 miles.

Regarding the Domes’ tapestry, DFP Flat Earther John Sternhauser suggested strongly and without remorse that, this is just part of the turning tapestry and is about a quarter of an inch. And anyone thinking we (‘the Earth’), revolve around anything is full of Bull Dung. It has been “Proven” by amateur speculation, that the Moon is just a Hologram and the Moon landing is fake.

How This Impacts The Real Estate Markets

Real Estate brokers appeared excited Over the weekend. There could be a rush to be the one to lock in a Lakeside property for the Horned one. Real Estate enthusiast, Mrs. Isdrottning is quoted as saying, “Lake Tahoe is nice any time of year. Yet Lake Powell in Arizona might also be good as the Comet’s Ice Volcano would definitely fit in with the rocky alien atmosphere of the area.”

The chic ambiance of volcanic ice would give Arizona much-needed cooling during those sweltering hot Summers. Plus with the water and brain-eating amoeba crisis of Lake Mead. The ice magma melt will give much-needed fresh water to the area.

Astronomers say that it should be bright enough to see with the naked eye or binoculars by April of next year, but it is viewable right now if you have a telescope, or go to an open house where it will be viewing potential property.

In the meantime, Devil and Alien costumes were all the rage this Halloween!

Comet 4” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Iliazd