Yes, It’s Aliens! (And They’ll be Back When a Distraction is Most Needed)

Alien Balloons

Over the past few weeks, we have gone from a Chinese “Spy” Weather Balloon to Cylinder Shaped objects to Octagon Shaped Objects to Aliens. We had bank failures, plans to indight Trump, train wrecks, and releases of additional footage from January 6th. Is there a connection? Other than the disaster that is the Biden Administration?

Yes Aliens! With unknown propulsion systems. How do we know? Because Biden said it wasn’t so it must be true. Then they buried it in the news for the next shiny object to distract you.

Let us toy with the absurd for a moment. We live in it after all. This is not another country (China), testing our defensive reaction capabilities. Activating nearly all National defense platforms. It is most likely Aliens, Extra-Terrestrials, possibly even Inter-Terrestrials if you jump on that band wagon.

It couldn’t possibly be a potential enemy State testing the waters of a Nation once feared by most all, except Vermin Supreme. Speaking of Vermin Supreme, The Ponies are relieved to not have been gifted to every American. That would have been a logistical nightmare, and the poop.

There is also the possibility that this something being done by our own and is a DS push to set us up for a Project Blue Beam Alien Invasion scenario. Just to distract the viewers?

Of course, only skeevy stoners might believe that a holographic invasion with well-placed weaponized drones to cause real damage would be real. This is not to say we have anything against our Stoner friends. Just the skeevy ones. But this is only in reference to Scooby Doo.

How else to lock everyone down again. The masking and lockdowns blew up in the faces of those Über-achieving Social Credit Score having, duck stepping, you’ll be happy and like it wannabees. The whole NATO-American inspired ‘Let’s start WWIII’ scenario is sort of falling flat.

It appears. This could be some kind of back-up effort to accomplish the WEF plan for Eugenic Depopulation, Eating Zee Bugz and tracking all Human Cattle. Forget about that all, it is all a load of big doodoo, doesn’t matter they publish it on their website and talk about it at big get togethers that are filmed.

Let’s not forget about going Solar! And how Expensi-cheap that is. Or Wind energy, where most of those units are made in China. Often interfere with and can kill birds, at least the propeller versions. And can tax the energy grid. Often times barely outputting enough power to handle the grid they are supposed to help supplement. Don’t forget those electric cars that use “fossil fuels” to power up off the grid and use Lithium batteries that require mining resources that current techniques cause Toxic results in the environment.

Is Peace Possible?

Don’t worry, the Aliens come in peace disguised as China, while we power our electric cars on Solar and Wind energy that is mediocre at best with current technological standards. Which will barely. Feed the grid. So, we will have to wait to charger our cars. But that is okay because well 3 live in 15-minute smart. Cities and towns where we will never have to leave and can walk when the power is out or because of the Alien Invasion that emp’d your grid.

And you’ll eat bugs and be happy about it. It is Aliens. Or a weather balloon, or a UAP/UFO. Whatever it is they will use it again when it is convenient. The Pentagon doesn’t seem to know. I guess that is what we get for letting them use heart attack inducing amounts of billions upon billions of dollars for defense.

It is obviously not enough. They appear to barely be functioning as is. All that Woke ideology has worked so well so far. But don’t worry, it’s just Aliens. Just look away from the inflation ridden, bank collapsing economic ruin that is America.

Image from: “Green Alien” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Adventures with E&L