January 6th Committee Trying for a Grammy

Liz and Dick Cheney

The January 6th Committee is trying to reach as many people as possible to spread it’s message. After it’s Prime Time Media special, they now are planning the release of a music album. They will have Cryin Kinzinger on Guitar, and Daughter of Satan is the lead Singer. Adam Schiffy Schiff will be on the keyboards. They will try to win a Grammy. This makes sense because nobody watched the Grammys and nobody cares about them. This is precisely how we all fell about the Committee.

Band called Schiffy Schiff and Pelosi’s Republicans

It’s debut album Insurrection with be released everywhere soon. Here is the song list.

  1. Call it an Insurrection!
  2. My Dad is Satan and nobody Cares
  3. It’s Trump’s Fault
  4. Sometimes I Cry (in front of congress)
  5. Almost Murdered
  6. Nothing Widespread
  7. Please don’t let me get Primaried
  8. Don’t make me Impeach you, Bitch!
  9. I’ve never been to Wyoming
  10. Oh No! They took away my district.
  11. Ray Epps is our Hero
  12. Speak or be Indicted
  13. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
  14. Gangster’s Paradise (cover)

We at DogFacePonia believe that music is a sign of the current culture. So what does this album tell you?

Image From: United States House of Representatives – Office of Robert Aderholt, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons