Media Ecstatic over New Entrants in the Veepstakes for 2020

Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden

The Vice Presidential sweepstakes has garnered new attention from the media and Democrats.    People have commented favorably on Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the Covid-19 virus.  His daily briefings have been praised for their calming effect on New Yorkers. This has led to the Media mentioning him as a vice-presidential candidate.  Since Joe Biden has said he will select a woman for his running mate, Cuomo was not an option. Andrew Cuomo says he now identifies as a woman and deserves to be considered.  The media is ecstatic!

The list of possible candidates for Vice President continues to grow as Pete Buttigieg, not to be out done, also changes his identification to female.  Joe Biden doesn’t find this at all confusing but instead is pleased to have an expanded group to choose from.  It is also not clear that he notices the difference.

Image From : “PB091619__0138” (Public Domain) by Pete For America