Supreme Court Rules it is Taking the Rest of 2020 Off

In an historic ruling the Supreme Court has affirmed it will take the rest of the year off. The case Freedom v. Tyranny has been passed back to the lower courts. The Supreme Court will go on vacation for the remanded of the year. It doesn’t plan to be back until after inauguration day.

Only Thomas and Samuel Alito wanted to work. Thomas the only African American on the Court dissented saying “You need to continue to fight for freedom at all times.” He also said he refused to sit around and take government welfare for not working. Joe Biden says he Aint Black.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion saying “As always we go with historical precedence. Historically, we have made terrible decisions on many cases that we refuse to go back on. It is better that we don’t work at all in the critical moment in American history”

Serveral Cases particually regarding election law were sited.

Texas v. Pennsylvania refused to hear the case on election fraud. After all it is not “widespread” election fraud. The fraud only occurred in a few swing states in heavily democratic cities. The election fraud occurred in 16 counties in a nation that has 3,143. This was only a few million votes.

Bush v. Gore – The Supreme Court stopped the counting of votes because it would do irreparable harm to Bush (hurt feelings).

Citizens United v. FEC – Found that Corportations are people. Now huge companies have bought out the vote from the American people.

Other terrible rulings include:

Roe v. Wade – it is the privacy of the woman to eliminate an unborn child. Which, of course, totally settled that matter. It is not a continuing problem in the courts for more than 40 years.

National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius – Obamacare is just a tax. Any tax money goes to insurance companies to bail them out.

Dred Scott v. Sandford – Although not an election case it did confirm Slavery, said the federal government could not regulate slavery and that African Americans were 3/5 of a vote. This indirectly lead to the civil war.

“In light of these and other terrible rulings maybe it is better for the SCOTUS to take a break before they start another civil war.” said Roberts.

We here at DogfacePonia had hoped the Supreme Counrt would do something. You would have to be blind to not see what is going on. It seems we were wrong. It is up to the American people now.

Image From: “Albert V Bryan Federal District Courthou” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Tim Evanson