Thank You Dr. Fauci We Do Not Accept Re-Returns

Fauci and Clinton shakinghands

Dr Fauci is stepping down from the NIH and we at DogFacePonia wanted to thank him for all he has done to us.

  • Thank you for January of 2020, it was both momentous and poorly delivered. You told Newsmax TV that the United States “did not have to worry” about the coronavirus and that it was “not a major threat.” Although that may have actually been true, not soon after you and Dr. Birx convinced President Trump to lock down the entire US economy. This was based on the Imperial College Model which has since been confirmed as fraudulent.
  • Thank you for endorsing Tinder, Gyms, Cruise Ships, Casinos and Movie Theaters as ok, but locking the rest of us down and out of jobs for “2 weeks to flatten the curve”. That hasn’t flattened in more than 2 years.
  • Speaking of, thank you for helping us flatten the curve by decreasing herd immunity. This despite the CDC and others going against decades of proven medical knowledge, decided herd immunity was a bunch of hogwash. We know now, like we knew then, that your aversion to it was/is malicious in nature.
  • Thank you for denying that Gain-of-Function happened at Wuhan and later admitting that you had to fund it as “it would have been negligent not to fund the lab.”
  • Thank you for ignoring naturally acquired immunity among those who recovered from “COVID” of which as of 2021 was more than 45 million in the United States. Instead pushing Vaccine Mandates which caused loss of jobs, Liberty among other things. What was that we heard for a minute… Oh “My Body My Choice”
  • Thank you for your role in pushing not wholly tested, Pfizer clinical trial cover ups as successful and viable when we know now that it was quite the opposite.
  • Thank you. We would have been better off, but at least you showed us who was willing to believe lies and who wasn’t. That has helped and will in the coming days.
  • Thank you for protecting the elderly by promoting that they had a worse chance than the average bad flu year. That helped us plenty. especially when your buddy Cuomo put covid sick in the same homes.
  • Also, thanks for getting rid of the Flu! For the first time in modern medical recorded history. The Flu practically disappeared in 2020 while “Covid” cases surged. When no vaccine had been offered at that point to do such a thing. Must have been in the water or an act of Fauci that caused this to occur. We wonder why Flu shots are still being peddled then. Must be the Money.
  • Thanks especially for the masks. 40 + years of studies and clinical trials in the United States and abroad (nearly a couple or more every half decade), had proven that masks were only good at stopping spittle and mucous emissions from entering surgical wounds. But not good at stopping transmission of Flu and Cold viruses. And even though “Covid” falls into the influenza camp and similar nano-meter size. It was different and a mask could stop it, though perfume mysteriously permeated the mask without issue. Or like how in 2019 when asked if wearing a mask would stop and infectious disease and you laughed it off and said it was good diet exercises, sleep and healthy things?
  • Thanks for Contact tracing, we know now that it is just a stepping stone for Social Credit Systems like in China, and to steal personal data and ultimately control what we can and cannot do, say or eat. But it definitely bolstered the “Covid” numbers enough to keep us locked down.
  • Oh and thanks for saying “an epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic spread.’ In Jan 2020. Which was common medical knowledge at the time, and later pushing the asymptomatic spread of “Covid” as a number one threat. That was just beautifully orchestrated.
  • And just while we are on the topic of Thanks. Thanks for the whole of your convoluted opinions based in science about AIDS. Your actions and also inaction cost the lives of many people and so many others suffered as consequence too. It is amazing that one can either lie or be so naive and be so consistently wrong that no criminal legal actions are sought or that was never fired for blatant disregard for Human life.
  • Finally, thank you Dr. Fauci for doubling… No, Trippling down as you retire from a now more than obvious and dubious house of cards.
  • You are the comedic gold of our time who has harmed more people than most Dictators, through your bad policy, poor representation of real science, and changing opinions on what is and should be rather than relying on long standing evidence-based science.
  • You take the cake and the all the money, too! At least your bloody rich off our tax dollars and so far, have escaped Justice. Thank you for that. A two-tiered Justice system may actually exist when such an obvious and blatant scam artist is allowed to walk away Scot free.

Ultimately, we know you were just the head face pawn and that hands higher than yours pull the strings. Yet you willingly did all this, so thank you, thank you very much. Enjoy your retirement and special time with the Cuomo Brothers. We hope you don’t mind we told the Clintons you have secret evidence on them.

Image From: “Anthony Fauci and Bill Clinton 1997” (CC BY 2.0) by NIAID