The Plausible Deniability Campaign

When Joe Biden says he is running for Senate, his campaign has plausible deniabilityWhen Joe says he is running against George and that he previously ran against that Mormon guy, you know the governor, his campaign is blameless.  They are not responsible for his misreading of the teleprompter because he doesn’t have one.

Joe Biden is staying in his basement to get in touch with millennials. They live in their parent’s basements.  Millennials have plausible deniability about their employment because twitter, facebook and others censored their resumes.

Kamala Harris has plausible deniability. She has been using it for years in court as she hid evidence. She plans to use it if given the opportunity as a Prosecutor President. She also can deny being black.

Twitter and Facebook CEOs have plausible deniability because they didn’t censor conservatives, their employees did.  Just like the mob accomplished plausible deniability, employees divined the wishes of their employer (Zuckerberg Dorsey) and carried them out without negative reaction. The investigators had a lack or absence of evidence that can confirm the CEOs participation.

Pollsters have plausible deniability since the people they poll clearly are deceptive and how could they know. Also Donald Trump refuses to conform to expected campaigning norms.

Dogfaceponia plausibly denies we are lying dogface pony soldiers. We tell the truth after all.

I know nothing!! You can’t prove anything!!

Image From : “facebook y twitter” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by clasesdeperiodismo