Twitter Suspends TaB Drinkers

Jeff Bezos has warned that Amazon is losing money. Amazon bet on Office-based work with expansion in major cities like Portland and Seattle. What could possibly go wrong with that decision?

At the same time, TaBaholics are desperately seeking TaB.  They can be seen aimlessly wandering from store to store begging for TaB.  Amazon saw an opening here.  They acquired a warehouse full of TaB and are rationing it out to TaBaholics.  When the TaB drinkers found out, they flocked to Amazon causing their website to crash! TaB began trending on Twitter.

Walmart attempted to hop on that train but they were shut down for price-gauging. They advertised a price of $19.00 a twelve pack. Proof: Walmart  MSRP: $19.00  SKU: 47375474 UPC: 049000031096 Why us, they rightfully asked as others charged even more? But these retailers did not have TaB to sell so they will get off criminal charges.

Because of the pandemic, retailers will not verify the existence of TaB in their store. Still, advertised but not available when you get there.  Protesters are about to descend on Coca-cola headquarters.­­­ We can stay as long as it takes they were quoted as saying. Look at the Portland peaceful protests.

Twitter has suspended accounts of all people who drink TaB. We are not sure exactly why.  We suspect that they believe all TaB drinkers are conservative because why else would they want to drink that soda when great new Progressive sodas are available. Also they are being supported by Dogfaceponia which has itself been suspended.

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