Vaccination Separation

Jose Canseco Baseball Cards

To Inject or not to inject that is the question. The sports of the earlier 2000s taught us about the advantages of injections. Still 70 Home Run seasons were cool. DogFacePonia believes that the Government should not be involved in sports. However, here we are again and the question is the same. Now the belief is different. It is always difficult to determine when things have gotten out of hand. Just maybe the government should not interfere with private organizations.

It is well documented that Injections can have effects in sports. The Covid vaccines have caused issues, as well they should. Vaccinated professionals wish to be protected from those that have gone without a vaccine. This could affect all the major sports records and it was already determined that an asterisk is not an appropriate solution. Of course we can change our mind later, when and if, true long term side effects are proven to come from the Covid Vaccines. At some point players who did not get a vaccine will get an asterisk for having an unfair health advantage. Athletes kneeling at inappropriate times have risen, this could be hurting there knees. Those who do not kneel will have asterisk applied as well.

DogFacePonia has decided a simple option exists, two leagues should exist, one for vaccinated and one for unvaccinated. We also hold out the possibility of 4 leagues as we divide into unvaccinated kneelers, vaccinated kneelers, vaccinated non-kneelers and unvaccinated non-kneelers. If a player was to get vaccinated or starts to kneel, they would immediately need to change leagues. Sort of like a gender change. Let us not bring gender into this lest we end up with 42 leagues times the 4 leagues we already have leading to a grand total of 168 leagues set up for the non-binary non-kneeling vaccinated players and all other variations. We could then have 168 all star games that nobody watches on Fox just like the Olympics.

We are not completely sure how this would affect legal elements. According to Brown vs. The Board Education, separate is inherently not equal. How the separation of sports, restaurants, etc by vaccine status could provide equality that has nothing to do with race. They can just tattoo vaccine status on people. Maybe design a vaccine that leaves a tattoo? What could go wrong? Wait that sounds like it might be a bad idea … for some reason. Jose Canseco, a big supporter of injections and tattoos will tell you it is all good. But what does history have to say about forcing tattoos? Democrats think maybe tattooing people could work and if it is against your religious beliefs, oh well. The Government doesn’t care. There is no separation of church and state or conscience protection in the constitution is there?

Seems to us here in DogFacePonia that our country has taken freedom under false pretense before. SO WE NEED TO STAY AWAKE BUT NOT WOKE! Only failures, division and death were the results. There is no way any country founded on freedom and equality would take away rights based on their own ideas. Or would it? Separate but equitable is the new solution since it is not a separation by race and only a separation by Freedom’s Choice. If we separate in two separate groups to protect the vaccinated, we will be able to see the numbers clearly. It doesn’t look like it will end well. Then the Case of Smith vs. the CDC can bring us back together again. Of course then we can repeat the cycle in an equitable way. Until it all explodes or freedom to make decisions becomes a right again.

Image From: “BASEBALL LOT-50” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by supportcaringllc