Slavery Up 80% in US, Biden Touts Job Growth

Jobs Graffiti

In a recent press conference addressing the border Jen Persnickety stated “President Biden does not want to separate children from their families and he certainly does not want to see them being dropped over walls and getting hurt.” She went on to say that changes implemented by the Biden administration have made immigration safer.

Actually, the southern US border has seen three major changes implemented by the Biden administration. First there was elimination of the “stay in Mexico” program. Second was the elimination of the DNA swabs used to be sure children were traveling with family. This test took 90 minutes and found that 30% of the children crossing the border were not with family members. Apparently 90 minutes was too time consuming to ensure the child’s safety. The third and most recent change involves ordering the Border Patrol to cooperate and coordinate with the Cartels who are smuggling humans and drugs over the border.

According to the Biden administration, in addition to saving lives, this has led to an increase in jobs. True, the jobs involved are generally associated with the slave trade, but they are still jobs. How does this work? Hey man, it’s easy!

Forced labor can take many forms, including but not limited to debt bondage and forced prostitution. Debt bondage to cartels is not uncommon and covers 54% of the illegals coming into the US. Debt bondage differs from forced labor in that the victim agrees to pay off the debt via work. The debt is often sold to potential employers who charge the illegal alien for food, shelter or services. Any money earned barely covers these bills. The industries served include 2% of the illegals going into the agricultural industry, 7% into domestic service and 45% split between sweatshop/factory work and the hotel/restaurant industry. Sometimes the debt is not sold because the Cartel sees the potential of training apprentice thieves, pimps or Little Fauci’s (drug dealers).

And the rest? Promised jobs in the domestic or service industry, the other 46% are women and children who wind up sold into the sex trade. 43% are women and girls. 3% are pre-pubescent of both sexes and sold to pedophiles. While child trafficking rings may occasionally get press, that 3% usually vanishes. Of the 43%, the cooperative ones might be promised their freedom if they earn enough through prostitution to pay for their purchase price plus their transportation costs. If they do not cooperate, they are drugged and made available to multiple customers with only a vague notion as to what is happening to their body. The slaver is going to make a profit.

Liberal lawmakers will say that the farmer needs workers, but as we’ve pointed out here – that is just 2% of the millions coming into the country. The rest are headed to cities where they don’t speak the language, are unfamiliar with the laws and must rely on their new owners not only for room and board but for information and instruction on what to do. Including voting.

Image From: “jobs” (CC BY 2.0) by Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!