Company Created to Transport Illegal Aliens to DC

Mexican Bus

Inflation is soaring as is the price of a gallon of gas. As a Bear Market approaches, investors at DogFacePonia are seeking ways to protect their wealth. How much is a herd of Covid Immune Ponies worth anyways? Many are investing in silver, gold and toilet paper but there are other emerging investment areas being recommended.

ILAT IPO coming

An IPO is expected for a new stock. The stock is for a company which transports illegal aliens around the country for both the federal government and the states of Texas and Arizona. ILAT is the stock symbol for Illegal Alien Transportation, Inc. (based in Delaware) Growth is expected to continue as other states want to ship aliens to places like Wilmington, DE and Washington, DC. Growth also is occurring as the Federal government ships these aliens back to their point of origin or to another state in need of cheap labor.

This industry has a leg up on other transportation stocks because the government has access to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The gasoline for their buses and planes is not subject to inflation and has a large supply. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg  and new father of twins is said to have greatly increased his wealth because of inside information.

In the commodities market, analysts have STRONG BUY rating on baby formula futures and breast milk futures. Biden has blamed the baby formula shortage on Putin, Trump and Corporate Greed. We are not sure why but I am sure he will explain sometime soon. #PutinTrumpBabyFormulaShortage

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