Nevada Giving Gamblers More Time To Place Bets on the 2022 Election

Dice Rolling on Craps Table

Election Betting is all the rage these days. It is like Sports betting, it is really driving the numbers. Las Vegas and many of its gambling businesses bring in a lot on election betting. Nevada says counting all the Mail-in ballots will take days if not more. This will give the gamblers more time to place bets on the election.

CNN currently has the over-under at who knows. Polls show the line for a Republican win is your guess is as good as mine. Craps and Roulette were suggested where one candidate had odd and one had even but there was a dispute as to which candidate was odd. This is because Fetterman is from Pennsylvania. We at the DogFacePonia casino have an opinion on that but there is no tell. Fetterman can’t speak so he won’t tell either. Roulette has Democrats as a double zero. Republicans are doubling down on Nevada. The next results were to be released before Thanksgiving or at least New Year’s Eve. Some betters are suggesting their money is being stolen (like the election) as the results are somehow fixed. “Say it ain’t so Joe

We do now know that Beto has gone all in on No Limit Texas Hold’em for a 3rd time and lost. Other states are trying to get in on the excitement too. Arizona and Alaska are going to take time. Alaska was hoping to be last to announce a winner with all the circling about with ranked choice 2nd and 3rd balloting. Georgia managed a runoff so in the end will likely get to be the final state to report a win. Rumors of a run-off of the run-off are not credible but there is betting on that also.

All this should bring in lots of bets and lots of profit. We at DogfacePonia don’t know the odds but either way Vegas plans to win.

Image From “Craps!” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by mkw87