The Global Race to the Polar South of the Moon

Moon South Pole

It seems these days that the Global race to the Polar South of the Moon by the Chinese, Russians and Indians, shows how highly motivated and interested in the Moon’s South pole they are.

The claim presented, is that there is water stored in ice pellets from meteorite impacts; that there is way more than a ton of it at the Moon’s polar south.

This will fuel a whole new industry of Robber Barons, who will capitalize any resources found on the surface, for the betterment of themselves.

Though sadly, they can’t go any further than so many feet as they hit an impenetrable layer. Presumed by some to be an intelligently designed ‘AR’ (no we did not misspell that), according to some Myth sources. Otherwise known as a Moon Ship capable of deep space flight and weaponry of epic proportions.

The Moon is apparently hollow-ish, too, or has multiple hollow spaces, and rings like a bell when hit very hard. I don’t think any Bell Ringers will get struck by lightning on the Moon’s South Pole.

We think the water claim although maybe true, is not enough reason for such expensive Global race.

There are some possibilities for such a Southern Polar Gold Rush:

  1. Easier to hide stuff when out of sight of the Lay Folk?
  2. Attempts to ally with or take over fabled Alien/Not-See base?
  3. The new filming location for ‘Earth Girls are easy 2’?
  4. Proving that the Moon is just an Island in the vast Ocean of Space. The Elite Governmental Organizations, EGOs, are just laying Pirate-like claim to the land, before the Flat Earthers can crowd fund a mission there?

For now until We are able to get real answers, we should enjoy the hazy reddish Orange glow of the Moon Rise through the Natural “wink, wink”, forest fires smoke. Because Global Warming is a threat, but are plants do grow better and it is cozy.

Moon South pole view” (CC BY 2.0) by Elsie esq.