The New Democrat (Crime) Coalition

Joe Biden has a newly created Democrat coalition. He clearly leads in many diverse groups:

  • Chinese and Ukrainians – Strong financial support and fundraising
  • WWI and civil war veterans – Bringing out the dead vote
  • People voting across state lines – Not able to leave their political views behind after moving
  • Transgenders – insight into both genders (or all 63 perhaps). Joe will be sure to get them 63 votes each.
  • FDR Supporters – Confused New Deal and Green New Deal, not to mention most are dead.
  • Prisoners at GITMO – Obama made promise to close GITMO and that worked out well. Biden could do the same
  • The unbiased media – Failure to notice Biden presidency will kill ratings and there are rumors of a new network ..Trump TV
  • Imaginary People- Like the 10% lead the pollsters made up
  • Richard Spencer – KKK members
  • Hollywood Celebrities – At least until they get their new tax bill.
  • Rioters and Peaceful Protesters – Kamala paid to get them out of prison after all.

We here at Dogfaceponia don’t know what this amounts to but they sure can pilfer a few votes.

Image from: “Bench for Democrats” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by 4nitsirk