The Squad renamed The Jack Squat

Ilhan Omar speaking.

The Infamous Squad is will be renamed in honor of all they have done for the Women of Afghanistan. The group formally known as (The Squad) claim to be standing up for Women’s rights and pushing the woke, green agenda. Mysteriously they are suddenly silent? Why? Most of the time we can’t keep thier mouths shut for anything? Well the Taliban went rolling through Afghanistan and all of a sudden they have nothing to say about Afghan women’s rights.


AOC suggested that we have a moral responsibility to allow refugees into America. Yet, no comment on the pathetic handling of the situation by Biden. Maybe she should set up classes for refugees to lecture them on the green new deal. As the saying goes, the grass is always green when you are locked in you basement. We are sure they are interested in tutelage from AOC after living in a war zone and watching their country collapse. Maybe AOC can make them online classes and charge a reasonable amount just like she does for her American made sweaters.

Ilhan Omar

She is the only Liberal I know to be banned from twitter for suggesting hanging a critic. They said it was permanent but she is back, just like the terminator. Now she is saying nothing to help the women of Afghanistan. Why? Besides being preoccupied with her Husband-Brother gross, she wants us to all live under Shaira law just like back home in Somalia. We here in DogFacePonia have an idea for Ilhan Omar and it is simple, EDUCATION, and we are not talking about this CRT nonsense.

Rashida Tlaib

She has spent her time explaining to America that we created the Taliban. She said we created the Taliban to fight the Russians. Only her time line is about as good as Biden’s. The Taliban was created in 1994 after the Soviets were gone for 4 or 5 years and America never funded them. It has become clear to us in DogFacePonia that Rashida Tlaib wants badly to make a difference in her bank account. Maybe she is just bridging herself to a career at CNN. She is doing this by showing off her skills in regards spinning history faster than a tornado. Just remember to head for safety when this one talks.

Maybe we need some good old fashion Toxic Masculinity. Toxic like climbing over barb wire to save babies and staying in Afghanistan to help flights to get refugees get out. Maybe toxic like backing up your allies or toxic like telling your enemies the consequences of harming Americas. Toxic like keeping your promises and not handing over weapons to your enemies. Toxic in a way Joe Biden is not.

The Taliban have only Toxic Animalism as no man would treat women the way they do. In their minds Women are there to serve them. Because of this there has been a race among women to change gender in a Sharia law country. This could be good for Afghanistan as then they might have men that don’t lay down their weapons and surrender.

With all this in mind, we here at DogfacePonia have renamed the “Squad” the “Jack Squat”

Stupid Quarrelling Unamerican Aspiring Taliban

Image From:”Al-Sisi in Washington: Egyptian Presiden” (CC BY 2.0) by POMED