Time Not Person of the Year

The new Time Not Person of The Year has been announced.  The winner is Not TrumpNot Trump has been the winner for four years. Others are hoping for the dawn of a new day where some one else can win but Not Trump has a huge following so only time will tell.

Others in the running were:

Not Cuomo had fallen in the standings. He originally led after killing off 7-8000 old people in nursing homes but was rehabilitated after winning an Emmy.  Recent sexual harassment accusations did not come in time to get Not Cuomo the win.

Not Swalwell was recently discovered to have been a Congressman caught in a Chinese honey trap. Nancy Pelosi said she had no problem with Not Swalwell continuing on the Intelligence Committee as intelligence was not a requirement.  This effectively ended his chance of winning.

Not Hunter was recently exposed as being under investigation by the FBI.  Not Hunter was in the running originally because he got drunk or on drugs and dropped off his laptop at a repair shop. That however was in a previous year. When the laptop was produced right before the election he was thrust into the lead.  His lead was censored by the media and he only recently came to the fore front. Sorry Hunter. Maybe next year.

Not Giuliani was a distant fifth. it was hard to overcome his service as NYC Mayor during 9-11. Recently, however he has benefitted from Russian disinformation and Ukrainian disinformation.

Image From: “Time: 2001 Person of the Year” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by StudioEgo