Top 10 stories from the First Year at Dogfaceponia Part 1

Horse Stable Birthday Cake

Dogfaceponia just turned 1! Happy Birthday to us. To celebrate we present you with our top 10 stories from the last year based on viewership lets start with 10-6

10.) The first in our MyPillow Series. Clearly MyPillows are a dangerous weapon.

9. This was a lot of fun to write too bad it didn’t happen. Whatever your feelings for Mike Pence this is funny.

8.) Ah yes CNN what we all want to impeach.

7.) Biden is working on the basement or in the basement.

6.) CNN is a Hoax, Created a Hoax whatever. I blame Russia.

Image From : “My Pony Stable” (CC BY 2.0) by Ken’s Oven