Top 5 Stories from Our First Year! Thanks for the Fun!

Magic Birthday Horse

Dogfaceponia just turned 1! Happy Birthday to us. To celebrate we present you with our top 5 stories from the last year based on number of views. Thank you for your support. We hope we can bring you great stories for years to come.

5.) Hunter Biden to Run the DEA. Just the mention gets people laughing, crying, angry. Hunter has helped us get so many great stories in the last year. We expect more in the year to come.

4.) Ah yes the Capital (Raid, Assault, Insurrection) Whatever words they are using now to make this staged event sound fierce instead of farce.

3.) CNN is our favorite target. People Often comment “How could CNN fire someone they never employed”?

2.) You can pry MyPillow from my cold dead hands.

1.) This story makes me laugh every time. We here at DogFacePonia keep wishing this was true.

Image From : “Magic pony” (CC BY 2.0) by khawkins04