Which Leader is More Mentally Challenged?

Joe Biden and Putin

The newest game show is Which Head of State is More Mentally Challenged? The obvious leaders are Joe Biden and Putin. Previously, Justin Trudeau seemed to have a lock on the competition but no more. Putin speaks loudly, crazily and carries a lot of big sticks. Biden speaks loudly and carries a little twig. Trudeau speaks loudly and wears blackface.


The Chernobyl power plant was seized by the Russians. Chernobyl is the still radioactive site of the world’s worst nuclear accident and a factor in the collapse of the Soviet Union. The radioactive strontium, cesium and plutonium mainly affected Ukraine and neighboring Belarus. This is quite dangerous. The radioactivity has been growing as troops and armaments stir up the dirt in the exclusion zone. A misplaced bomb could release radioactivity over the Nato countries as well.

It was confirmed in a Friday speech that Moscow has prepared counteractions designed to hit the “weak” spots of the West. They will close all transgender bathrooms in Ukraine and Russia and is demanding that all latrines must be male only. They have put their nuclear units on alert.


Joe Biden on the other hand has declared war on fossil fuels. Our army will be propelled by electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines. Maybe that is why the 40 mile long Russian Convoy in Ukraine is stalled. No charging stations. Joe Biden thinks if voters didn’t vote for him they ain’t black. Biden doesn’t shoot people he sniffs them. In order to keep his score higher, Joe wants to have enough abortions in America to outdo the number of deaths caused by Putin in Ukraine.


Zelenskyy has been nominated because who would stay in Ukraine and lead his country and risk his life if he was not mentally challenged?  Who in fact could think his country could beat Russia? Then again Afghanistan beat both Russia and the United States so who knows. Is Ukraine ready for the US invasion after Russia is done? Biden does need to get all the rest of Hunter’s laptops and some evidence for a 3rd or maybe 4th Trump impeachment but who is counting.


Trudeau went to war with what he called Fascist truckers in Canada. He declared a national emergency because of peaceful truckers having too much fun in bounce houses. He put crippling sanctions on the truckers and their supporters. Strange, the food stopped being delivered for some reason. Food is overrated just like being liked by your people. He even stopped MyPillows for truckers. Go figure.

One thing they all agree in is that they are fighting Nazis. We at DogFacePonia think Putin is in the lead based on recent Russia shelling of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. What could possibly go wrong?

White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons