Analysis of Donkey Results in New Hampshire

3 Donkeys in a field

In New Hampshire, there were just five candidates on the Democratic ballot because the Democratic Party wanted the first primary to be in South Carolina. The Democratic Party encouraged candidates not to put their names on the ballot in protest. Several dark-donkey candidates promoted write-ins since their names were not on the ballot.

Among them was John Fetterman who saw an opening and launched a write-in campaign. DEI voters refused to write in a vote for Fetterman but rather Fetterperson. Consequentially, Biden had the most write-ins with Fetterman and Fetterperson splitting second and third.

Among the registered candidates on the ballot, Dean Phillips garnered the most votes with 76.6% of people voting for those whose name appeared on the ballot. Maryanne Williamson received 17% of the votes. The other three candidates only had the significance of having a greater percentage than Ron DeSantis on the Republican ballot

Phillips, in his victory speech, touted the fact that he had 76.6% of the votes in the Democrat primary and Trump had only 54% of the votes from his party. So Dean Phillips rightfully claims victory. The momentum is expected to carry into the Nevada caucuses.

It remains to be seen if Biden is actually running for President again. He was not on the ballot in New Hampshire. Where else will he not be on the ballot? We here in DogFacePonia wonder. Could Fetterperson or Hillary be waiting for their chance to sneak in?

image From: “Donkey” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Vincent Maher