Biden’s Wiener Mobile

Wienermobile Wreck

President Joe Biden is running for reelection and was searching for a message that would resonate with the voters. The answer was Bidenomics. After all when prices are soaring, Bidenomics has reduced the cost of wieners. This year the administration let people know that the wiener is the meat of choice for Thanksgiving. You will be thankful to Joe Biden for reducing the cost of a wiener by 8 cents.

Wienernomics here we come!

To take his campaign on the road, Joe has acquired the wiener mobile from Oscar Meyer to highlight Bidenomics. Joe even wears an inflatable wiener mobile costume during Bidenomics campaign speeches. This also allows piggybacking (no pun intended) off existing advertising for the wiener mobile. The campaign says there is no problem because the wiener mobile is now being called the Frankmobile.

Turkeys have been pardoned throughout the country for Thanksgiving.  Next year the White House will be pardoning a pig since all the turkeys are safe due to Bidenomics price rises. Some at the White House are promoting pardoning a pig for Christmas as well.

Many prominent Democrats were quoted on the matter.

  • Hillary Clinton: A wiener goes better with a pantsuit.
  • Bill Clinton: I did not give my wiener to that woman.
  • Carlos Danger: I just texted pictures of my wiener to underage girls. What’s the problem?
  • Jeffrey Tubin: I got laid off because my wiener made a Zoom call.
  • Joe Biden: Bidenomics is celebrating the deflation of wieners everywhere.
  • Hunter Biden: Wieners and lap dances create grandchildren and child support.
  • Peter Buttigreig: I can make a wreck out of any form of transportation!

Biden’s poll numbers did not go up after he started using the Biden Wiener mobile as a campaign vehicle. Hunter Biden sees Wienernomics as something he can put on display for the whole family. Still, we at DogFacePonia believe it is better for us that no one has thought of making wieners out of ponies.

Image From “Wienermobile Wreck” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Roadsidepictures