Cable Companies to Roll Out CNN Minus

CNN minus

When it was announced that CNN Plus was cancelled there was a general feeling of euphoria. Soon people started to demand ways to get less CNN? Cable Companies are planning new options to increase subscribership called CNN Minus. These plans will be the same a current plans but will exclude CNN for an additional charge.

Cable CNN Minus Plans

  • Option 1 – Everything is the same only you receive No CNN – $10 extra per month
  • Option 2 – Remove CNN from another random Subscriber – $10 a month
  • Option 3 – Remove CNN from a specific subscriber – $20 per month
  • Option 4 – Remove all Cable News – $30 per month
  • Option 5 – They will even paint a wall white for you that way you can get better news coverage than CNN. Prices vary based on you particular setup.
  • As a Bonus, all options will also include No Chris Wallace

DogFacePonia has decided that after never being able to even experience CNN+ personally. We too could offer special features for CNN Minus. In celebration, we are offering our own affordable options, which are Free for Life! I know it may be amazing to everyone; we promise to offer options of equal or better quality no matter your social economic status.

DogFacePonia Plans

  • One click on per day and Boom CNN Minus is free. Once you learn this secret you may not even need to type out the address (Because you already saved it to favorites, or maybe made it your homepage).
  • For best results follow our additional instructions. A) Click on B) Share to friends on all Social Networks you are associated with. C) Now most importantly stare at a blank wall for an hour to cleanse your mind or CNN BS. Now you are CNN Minus certified.
  • Go to and send them a message about how they are stupid.
  • Live Free and never watch nonsense TV like CNN.

We here at DogFacePonia believe in these options very strongly. We also believe that if we can get enough donations we will buy the CNN+ domain and redirect it to