Youngkin Campaign Looking for Help with Paranormal Activity

Ghostbusters In full Gear

The Youngkin Campaign is looking for some extra help for the Virginia Governor’s Election on November 2nd. The Election falls on an old Catholic Holiday All Souls Day. The elections proximity to Halloween is distressing to begin with. If All Souls are out to vote the Republicans could have an uphill battle for sure.

So far there seems to be a significant amount of paranormal activity in the lead up to the election. As everyone know, the dead vote comes out in force for the Democratic Party particularly in close elections. Glenn Youngkin is trying to win the governorship and the Democrats will be anything to stop him. A few exorcisms may need to be performed, starting with the Loudoun County School Board.

Terry McAuliffe has been behind in his support from the living in recent polls. However, a poll of Civil War Veterans showed McAuliffe with a 99% lead over Youngkin. Terry McAuliffe also has a large lead among mail in ballots that are set to be delivered in the middle of the night on November 2nd. CNN has assured us there is no widespread fraud planned. The Democratic party prefers to focus their fraud to specific counties which they control. As such, the fraud is targeted not widespread.

There are rumors that Youngkin has reached out to the Ghostbusters and the Ghost Hunters in hopes they might be able to work as poll watchers. The Ghostbusters may be able to cut down on the dead vote. It is believed that they will not be able to stop all the cheating attempts by the Democrats. We at DogfacePonia recommend the Youngkin Campaign hire a few plumbers like the Mario Brothers to help with massive dumps and flushing for freedom.

Image From: “Ghost Busters!” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by KarenBorterPhotography