Biden’s Uranus First Policy

Triangle Mounting with the planet Uranus on in

The Biden Administration foreign policy continues to be out of this world. Biden has declared the dead Ottoman empire committed genocide over 100 years ago. Although we don’t disagree we also don’t see what it does. (Unless Biden is hoping for more votes from the Afterlife).

Now, after the recent Mars first agreement, Biden is expected to announce the successful implementation of his Uranus First policy. The people of the of United States felt the penetration of this policy since the day Biden took office. Its hard to know if Uranus is first or Mars at this point but we know for sure it is not America.

Sources close to Biden have confirmed that the Uranus First policy will touch many people in ways they never thought the government would. Below is a list of those who have been touched by this engaging plan without even knowing it.

Uranus First has touched every American as planned.

  1. Every American feels it at the Gas Station, making Uranus First available to everyone.
  2. Small Businesses have felt and continue to feel its engagement. Biden Plans to expand his Uranus First Policies to help even Red Sates.
  3. Establish the White House Gender Policy Council, so everyone can feel the Uranus First Policy fully.
  4. Directs Education Department to review rules about education and sexual violence to fall in line with the Uranus First Policies.
  5. Expand protection of LGBTQ people around the world, Uranus First should be a global goal.

We have learned from several sources that these are only a few of the ways the Biden administration has taken to bring Uranus First to all Americans, with equality and equity.

Ben Dover one of the chief planners of the Policy, said, “All can be touched by these policies assuming they live up to his name.”

Chris Cuomo said, “This policy has promise for all Americans, but Biden should consider implementing a swab policy similar to China.” Then he grabbed his trusty giant que tip and suggested that in America we can do it bigger and better than China.

Don Lemon, was also excited about Uranus First, he said “Americans should all be able to understand how prison inmates feel and this will be a giant step toward that.”

We here in DogFacePonia totally understand what these Biden policies can mean for everyone and we can say it is out of this world. We would like to thank all the Liberal sheep for the insights they provided to us after voting for Biden.

Image from: “uranus” (CC BY 2.0) by Slideshow Bruce