Bill Names In Congress Mean The Opposite

Bills in Congress these days seem to be the opposite of their names. This on the surface seems crazy but we decided to look at bit deeper. In most cases when reading the name of the bill and it sounds too good to be true. It most certainly is. You should tell your representative to vote no or if necessary vote out the representative that voted yes. We decided to make a list of some examples.

Examples of obviously antithetical names

The Inflation Reduction Act – This bill increased inflation. They just printed some more money for federal programs. They took some stuff that didn’t get in Build Back Better and the Green New Deal. Then they added some IRS agents and called it inflation reduction. There was nothing in the bill that had anything to do with inflation. Then the news cycle said most republicans voted against the Inflation Reduction Act. They must like inflation.

Access to Baby Formula Act of 2022 – Remember when baby formula was running out because the FDA closed the largest baby formula plant in America? This was due to something Similac showed was not caused by them. After that, the Company proposed to add an inspector and open up again. The FDA said no and caused a crisis in the supply chain. Did this bill open the plant … no. It was eventually opened. Under basically the proposed agreement that the company originally had but that was later after the crisis deepened. What did this bill do? Well, they had an expensive airlift from Europe of Baby Formula. The rest of the money was paid for everyone at the FDA to get pay increases for a job well done. Republicans who voted against it must hate babies.

For the People Act of 2021This Act was about Election integrity. It helped by ensuring everyone had access to mail-in ballots. It would federalize the elections taking power from the states. Which of course is all about the “people”. As a bonus make requiring voter IDs illegal. When Republicans voted against it they were against the people according to the news.

Bipartisan Border Security Bill – It allows 5000 illegals in the country per day. Does that feel secure? This one is about border security just not for America. Instead, it gives $60 Billion to Ukraine, 15 Billion to Israel, and $5 Billion to Taiwan. The Border gets $20 Billion. Doesn’t sound like America first to me. Meanwhile, Congress has already given billions to Ukraine and is just now noticing the border might need help.

We here at DogFacePonia are trying to think of the names of bills we would vote for. The Nuke the World Bill, The Give China All Our Money Bill, Light Your Money On Fire Bill, and the Arrest Trump Bill. We would vote for these because the opposite of the name is what the bill is. The news media could just report on these as they always do. in breaking news, The Republicans voted for the Burn the Whole Country Down Bill.

This all shouldn’t be a surprise The Media tells you there was an Insurrection. They said that Hunter Biden’s laptop was fake, The Russia Dossier was real and Jeffery Epstein killed himself.

Image From: Amyyfory, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons