Boebert Organizes Sleep-over

Parking Garage Sign

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is organizing a sleepover in the Capital Garage. All participants will get a MyPillow compliments of Mike Lindell; Goya canned food compliments of the Goya CEO; and thermal blankets from ICE. Participants are expected to sleep right next to each other for extra warmth. Ted Cruz will do a demonstration of the proper sleeping position. There will be a barbecue with burgers, beef ribs and steaks. Lauren promises she will not get arrested this time.

Democrats will have a counter sleepover with cookies provided by Dr. Jill Biden and Coca Cola. Nancy Pelosi will not allow them to have MyPillows the optics would be bad. They will also not get thermal blankets from ICE because the optics would be bad. Two masks and six foot separation will be required for the duration of the sleepover even though the garage is out doors and all are vaccinated. Nancy is catering the event and providing welcome swag bags with hair care products, gourmet ice cream and a copy of Kamala’s book.

Armed guards including National Guard troops will be on the Democratic floors. Those floors will be fenced with razor wire. Republicans will have weapons including Rep. Boebert. Self-defense will be taught as will how the qualify for open carry. Swag bags will include steak house and McDonald’s gift cards and small arms and ammunition.

Image From: “Downtown Parking Garage” (CC BY 2.0) by Phillip Pessar