Go Home Trudeau You’re Drunk!

Canadian Beer

In that moment when the Trudeau Government flirted with China in a most unseemly way, a lot of people called out Canada for their Communist ways, including Iran. Former Communist Romania was all like, ‘Not cool Bro, Not Cool!’

Iran, thrilled the 5 Eyes of Sauron were looking anywhere but there. A boots on the ground ‘Source’ claimed, that ‘Finally there was a country whose immediate policies made Iran’s look mild in comparison’.

In China, the CCP was quietly cheering on Mr. Castro as it meant their Canadian foothold was even more secure now. Still They happily joked “And you lectured us on Hong Kong lol!”

The United States under the Premier Biden’s leadership ignored Canada and kept pushing Russia to start a war to keep SpyGate and Freedom Convoys out of the news. Not to mention the Deep State is finally making money again from wars. Their money streams were starting to dry up from when Trump was running the show. Unfortunately, FTX, their favorite laundry service has run into some trouble. They were however, able to get the money into candidates for the midterms before the implosion.

Biden is also drooling over declaring Martial Law, so he can prove that no one, one ups the CCP… err the District of China… Uhh the United States Government when it comes to Tyranny and Rights Violations. Just ask the Natives. He wants to arrest all the MAGA Extremists because of all the election violence they didn’t cause over another stolen election.

Ukraine was very clear, “Canada, come talk to us when you have two countries, two breakaway states and that Dominatrix NATO riding you like a wet Bull. Watch us fire missiles at Poland and blame it on Russia.”

And Sources in Russia said that Putin was thrilled that ‘That Castro kid was juking the joint.’ ‘Now I Own LNR/DNR legally because I recognized them as Part of Russia’. Even though everyone knows Russian troops have been ‘Air Quotes’: ‘Hanging out in that area since 2014 for the longest destructive FRAT party ever.

Now that Canada has become a Communist Country, with more than half of Parliament on the bank roll of the WEF.

After a few shouts of Go Home Canada You’re Drunk! Trudeau starts to sober up and realizes he doesn’t have the minerals to be a real dictator.

Looking back at the 1950s and the McCarthy Red Scare which was for all intents and purposes by design to give the Government more power and take away the Rights of the Citizen.

They were right about one thing, there literally are Communists, everywhere.

Image From: “Beer, anyone?” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Amin Allen Tabrizi