Not My Fault – Biden

Biden waving arms apart

President Joe Biden has ended his first year in office. According to Joe the year was an unmitigated success. Nothing bad happened that was his fault.

As Joe said to the press corps:

  • I promise I didn’t overpromise. It’s hard to claim I underperformed if I didn’t overpromise but I am an expert at this underperforming business. Ask anyone.
  • Obama parted the seas but I vaccinated 170% of America. What did Trump do?
  • Nothing is your fault if you are responsible for nothing. I’m not responsible for controlling inflation, that is the Fed’s responsibility.  Therefore inflation is not my fault.
  • Kamala was in charge of the border. She was the border czar so she is responsible and it’s not my fault.
  • If the press conference was a bomb, it was not my fault. I was given the answers, told who to call on and a speech to lead with so my press secretary and speech writers were responsible. I was responsible for standing up for two hours the rest was not my fault. The only reason it went two hours is that no one told me when to stop.
  • It was not my fault that Republicans failed to understand Bidenese and thought I was calling them racist in my Voting Rights speech. Just because they are doesn’t mean I said that.
  • If we had only impeached Trump over Ukraine we would not have to blame him for Ukraine we could have blamed Mike Pence instead. This is not Hunter’s fault even if he worked in Ukraine. If we only had his laptop I could show you everything.
  • Peter Doocy is a Son of a Lying DogFace Pony Soldier. Hunter Biden is the smartest man I have ever known (that wasn’t in the KKK).

We at DogFacePonia understand that Trump was responsible for everything so nothing is Biden’s fault.

Image From: “IMG_7326” (CC BY 2.0) by cornstalker