Trump an “Evil Document Villain” says Democrats

Trump and A pile of Documents

In what may go down in history as the most pathetic attempt to bring down Trump. “We got him this time,” shouted Liberals. This after Alvin Bragg indicted Trump and arraigned him on 34 charges of the exact same crime. He did mean things with documents! Microsoft Word feels it was violated. Which is of course a very dangerous thing, if you are Trump anyway.

The Democrats will have you believe Trump “The Ultra MAGA Document Kingpin” is guilty of many deep paperwork crimes. He had “classified documents” (just like Pence and Biden). He paid hush money (just like Bill Clinton and John Edwards did). These crimes could be Nuclear or whatever.

Let’s consider what really happened. The crime in effect says Trump “falsified documents” to cover up a crime related to hush money. They will tell you Trump through intermediaries, paid money to have stories killed. I guess Trump didn’t have the FBI to kill stories for him like Biden. Apparently, that is ok. The FBI can step in and alter the election, but Trump was not allowed to. John Edwards had an affair during his Presidential run and some payments covered it up. Hillary Clinton literally paid to have a Dossier created in order to influence an election and her staff admitted to it. These crimes are no big deal they were done by Democrats.

Alvin Bragg lets violent criminals go free but if you are a Republican and mess up a document that is a felony Mother Filer. Don’t you forget it? Only it really isn’t a felony at all. Documenting improperly, if they can prove it, is a misdemeanor in New York which only has 2-year statute of limitations. To make it a felony it has to hide another crime. Only problem is Trump, “The First-Class Document Felon”, hasn’t been tried or convicted of any other crime. Though he has done awful things like sign bills that Democrats don’t like.

The Allegations

Most of the allegations against Trump have turned out to be untrue. As far as we know Cohen paid off Karen MacDougal, Stormy Daniels, a doorman and a former Trump worker, who claims he got a lethal paper cut. Trump probably didn’t want the bad press, so he paid to have it stopped. This happens all the time. The allegations didn’t need to be true to hurt his chances of being elected. So, he had them stopped cold. Can you blame him? The entire media and left were out to stop him. They still are. Also, he isn’t exactly the typical family values Christian of the right. He has had 3 wives after all. Yet when compared to the abortion fanatic, gender changing, God hating left, he seems quite clean. That is as long as he stays away from documents. The Documents make him a major criminal who has hurt millions with his mean tweets.

Trump proves the pen is mightier than the sword and gun. After all they are ignoring most crimes involving those and instead focusing on Trump’s, Documents. We here at DogFacePonia think the left should probably start looking into real crimes. Maybe stop devoting 90% of their law enforcement resources to harass Trump and anyone who dares support him.

Image From: The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons